Implementation Time line and Templates

A support site for ELD Directors, Coordinators, and district personnel involved in the implementation of instructional curriculum

Time line

This suggested time line is provided to assist you in implementing Champion of IDEAS in a systematic and structured way. Consult with your educational consultant to customize this time line to fit your district's needs.

Phase 1: Initial Inservice and Implementation

  • Orientation to the program
  • Facilitated planning session
  • Phase 2: Follow-Up
  • Customized follow-up to address any questions that arise during the first few months of use
  • Phase 3: Mid-Year Review
  • Review of the implementation progress and program effectiveness
  • Phase 4: Year-End Review
  • Review of overall successes and issues during the implementation process
  • Templates

    These e-mail templates are provided to streamline the dissemination of information related to implementing Champion of IDEAS. The flexibility of the templates allows you to customize the contents to fit your district's needs and for your intended audience. Text in brackets ([…]) indicates information you have to fill in to customize for your district. These templates can be used to communicate with ELD teachers, coordinators, coaches, paraprofessionals, and other district personnel.